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WE ARE young, hard-working and from Costa del Sol - Spain

De izquierda a derecha: Ivan Coín, Jesús Molina y Jose Antonio Coín

In AvoPremium we will not tell you that we are the pioneers in making fruit shipments eliminating intermediaries and directly reaching the final consumer, because that is not the case. The idea may have been at the time, but carrying it out has not been an easy task. Now we can say we are very proud to have done it. We look at similar companies in the area with admiration and thank them for setting the first steps in the construction of this reality in which we all win… You too!

When the Coín brothers, owners of “Finca Lola”, were still not over twenty years old; they used to work in the hotel industry during the summer season. Ivan, the youngest, was who during one of these summers he met Jesús Molina. This guy (just 23 years old), paid for his studies in Digital Marketing working at that hotel. He had always dreamt of being able to dedicate himself completely to the Internet world and make this tool useful for his surroundings.

Ivan and Jesus shared goals: to combine their family traditions with the “modern world” and to be able to live from it. So when the trees of the family farm were ready to bear fruit each season, they came back and decided to start this AvoPremium adventure.
– Not even a King enjoys this! It was the first sentence they addressed at lunch at the hotel when they shared fruit and vegetables grown by both families.

Now that you know who we are, do you want to try our fruit?

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