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Avocado – 2Kg Bacon


Buy a box of 2Kg Bacon Avocado, directly from the farmer.



Our identity symbol: the avocado.

Avocado is a fruit rich in healthy fats that resembles a vegetable, since the amount of carbohydrates found in fruits is lower. Its creamy texture and a soft tropical flavor make the avocado a perfect ingredient to combine in numerous recipes.

The tree from which it comes originates from the plantations of Central America. The climate of the Axarquía mimics that average of mild temperatures that, together with moderate rainfall, make it ideal for growing it. The avocado is evergreen and takes between five and eight years to bear fruit since it is planted.

It is believed that the name avocado comes from its place of origin: Mexico. In addition to the famous guacamole that serves as a hallmark of the country’s food identity, there are plenty of dishes characteristic of its culture that contain it. If we go to its etymology we find something very peculiar that we believe will make them funny.

In his mother tongue, nahualt is the combination of “ahuacatl” which means “testicle” and “ahuatl” which means tree; so avocado would be something like “testicles tree”. It is not a joke and in reality to see them in their natural habitat have a very particular way of hanging on both sides of the branch. It can also be called palta, as the Quechua in Ecuador called it, or aligator pear that is used in the United States, due to its similarity with “a pear with crocodile skin”.


How do I know that the avocado is ripe and ready to eat?

A good system to know if the avocado is edible or can be used as a “throwing weapon” is to look at its color. The intense green will be identified with a long-range missile, the black blight will not be worth more than to scare the contrary, while a dark brown (without going too black) will serve to eliminate your enemies effectively.

Leaving the arms simile aside, we insist that the color is a good symptom of the state of health of the avocado. For example, if the specimen still retains the branch, we only have to remove it and if it is dark it will be a little past, if it is green it is not yet ready and if it tends to yellow (yellowish) it is ideal for its consumption.

Pressing your finger on the top also gives us clues about your condition, but be careful: we do not want to be scolded at the greengrocers! That is why demanding a box through AvoPremium is the solution.

AvoTRICKS so that they ripen before…

  • Wrap it in newspaper. Common and available to everyone. 100% effectiveness
  • Send it to a paper bag together with two “ethyl” friends. The apple and the banana accelerate the maturation of any fruit by the ethylene that they give off.
  • Only in case of emergency! Aluminum foil and baked (100 degrees for 10 minutes, depending on how green they are). It loses flavor and texture, but for a quick guacamole it’s ok.



Some of the nutritional properties of avocado and the benefits it has on our body are widely known, but we bet there are many that you did not know yet.

Eating avocados usually provides a series of nutrients that the body needs daily, such as vitamin C. It is not necessary to eat “kilos” of it, although it does ingest it from time to time.

From the point of view of carbohydrates (word taboo in most diets), this food is an indispensable source of those that are considered healthy; since the highest percentage are fibers. This is why avocado has become one of the star ingredients of people who decide to take care of themselves and to eat healthy.




🥑 AGUA 67,90%
🥑 CALCIO 12,00 mg.
🥑 CALORÍAS 233 Kcal.
🥑 FIBRA 6,33 gr.
🥑 FÓSFORO 43,00 mg.
🥑 GRASAS 23,50 gr.
🥑 HIERRO 0,49 mg.
🥑 MAGNESIO 30,00 mg.
🥑 POTASIO 487,00 mg.
🥑 PROTEÍNAS 1,88 gr.
🥑 VITAMINA A 12 ug.
🥑 VITAMINA B3 31,42 mg.
🥑 VITAMINA C 6,00 mg.
🥑 VITAMINA E 1,30 mg.
🥑 VITAMINA K 19 ug.

Fuente: Fundación Española de la Nutrición. Elaboración propia


In addition to its high content of healthy fats and acting to enhance the absorption of other vegetables consumed simultaneously, it stands out for being rich in potassium and for not having cholesterol.

Now you know what a good avocado is like and in AvoPremium we assure you that those who arrive at your table will be of the best quality and in their optimum ripeness for consumption. Also, after what you have read here, you can consider yourself an expert in the field and you will know it as soon as the box arrives at the door of your house.



Depending on its origin, characteristics and tolerance to different factors such as: cold or salinity; there are different varieties of avocados. Three types are cultivated in the AvoPremium farms:

  •  Hass. It is the most widespread in our country and practically in the whole world. Its tolerance to the cold is not very high, it has slight touches of nutty flavor and the color of its skin is dark green becoming violet or almost black when reaching the ideal of maturation. The origin of this race and its history are very curious so if you want to tell you a “tale” related to the subject, see the first entry of the AvoBLOG.
  • Fuerte. Very similar to Hass, but something more delicate. Its name must have come from a joke between “brothers” because although the properties are quite similar, it does not accept changes in temperature as well as being less productive.
  • Bacon. The fruits of this variety are larger and their skin is smooth, fine and green. Its maturation process is different, since it holds colder climates. This is the reason why at AvoPremium we manage to be able to serve premium quality avocados at any time of the year: the combination of different varieties whose ripening period completes the annual cycle.

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